Bright Energy Rebates

The Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities, in conjunction with Missouri River Energy Services, is pleased to offer incentive programs to promote the reduction of electrical usage.

For our residential customers, we offer the following Bright Energy incentive programs. All products must be purchased within a twenty-five mile radius of Rock Rapids.  Internet purchases do not qualify

-To purchase Energy Star appliances - clothes washers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, room/window air conditioners, and LED lights.
-To install an Energy Star wi-fi enabled "smart" thermostat.
-To replace your furnace, air conditioner and hot water heater with energy efficient models. 
-To increase the amount of insulation in your attic. 
-To tune up your air conditioner once every two years.
-To install a ChargePoint Home or Home Flex Charger for your plug-in electric vehicle. One rebate per vehicle owned.
- If you don't install a ChargePoint Home Charger, be willing to share information about how you charge your plug-in vehicle by completing our survey to receive a rebate.

Applications are available in our office or on-line. Click the link for the program which interests you: 

Energy Star Appliances (Dehumidifier, Room Air Conditioner, Clothes Washer, Air Purifier)
Residential Lighting (LED) - Proof of Energy Star Rating Required!!
Residential Smart Thermostat - Must be Energy Star Rated!!
Residential Heating and Cooling
Attic Insulation
Air Conditioner Tune-Up
Plug-in Electric Vehicle Chargers
Electric Vehicle Survey
For our commercial customers, we offer these incentive programs:

∑ To upgrade existing lighting fixtures with energy efficient lamps and fixtures.
∑ To install energy efficient lighting into newly constructed commercial buildings.
∑ To upgrade a commercial buildingís heating and/or cooling system.
∑ To upgrade variable frequency drives and pumps.
∑ To upgrade specified equipment in the food service industry. See the application for details.
∑ To upgrade specified commercial refrigeration equipment. See the application for details. 
∑ To purchase electric forklifts. This rebate requires written pre-approval!!
- To purchase new infrared curing and drying equipment.
- To install Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation equipment.
∑ To check your compressed air system for leaks, with additional incentives for equipment to improve your systemís efficiency. The inspection must be performed by Missouri River Energy Services personnel.
∑ A custom program is available if your energy efficiency improvements do not fit into the other programs. All custom projects require written pre-approval!!
A custom electrification program is available to help with the costs of switching from fossil fuels or chemical processes to electricity. 

Applications are available in our office or on-line. Click the link for the program which interests you:

Lighting Retrofit Incentive Application
Lighting New Construction Incentive Application
Heating and Cooling Incentive Application 
VFD & Pumps Application
Food Service Incentive Application
Commercial Refrigeration Application 
Electric Forklift Application
Infrared Curing & Drying Application
Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Application
Compressed Air Application
Custom Incentive Application 
Custom Electrification Application

Please refer to each programís application form for eligibility, terms and conditions, and incentive limits. The documentation necessary to receive your rebate includes a completed signed application, a detailed invoice, and AHRI Certificate of Product Ratings and/or spec sheets for the items installed. Also, a pre-inspection for upgrades and a post-inspection for all projects are required before the rebate can be approved. All projects with incentives of $20,000 or more require written pre-approval from MRES before the equipment purchase date.

If you have additional questions, contact our office at 472-2511 or by
e-mail for more information regarding these programs. We are eager to help you find the best value for your dollar.

Additional information can be found at the
Bright Energy Solutions web site.

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Energy Efficient Products Available for Purchase
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Water Heater
Blanket (for
gas or electric
heaters): $50.00
Additional Requirement for Attic Insulation Rebate:

The house must be inspected prior to adding insulation and after the new insulation is installed. The homeowner is responsible for arranging for these inspections with the office.
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Additional Requirement
for LED Light Bulbs:

Proof of Energy Star Certification is required. You can provide either the actual package, a photocopy of package or a picture of package showing the Energy Star Logo.